What We Do

Aviation & General Trading

We fulfill the needs and requests of our various customers, including domestic and overseas airline companies and maintenance providers while ensuring the safety and peace of mind of all passengers.

Provide procurement services for specific (aviation) parts and general parts in a flexible and efficient way. Garuda Energi Logistik Komersial (gelko) provide direct aircraft parts and indirect aircraft parts services. Also, striving to response to the aircraft parts strong demands on the continuously growing global airline industries and improve our customer services.

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Big Parts Operating Lease

Garuda Energi Logistik Komersial(GELKo) provide big parts operating lease: Engine Leasing, an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Leasing, and Component Leasing. Short term rentals alow you to keep your aircraft flying during engine maintenance, while the longer-term leases are designed to alow for accurate budgeting, reducing risk of engine ownership and preserving your operational cash.

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Energy Resources

Refer to GELKo's vision to become a world class trading and energy company.

Providing energy services is one of our priorities. We have been initiating to provide fuel distribution services for all GA Group operation and energy to help efficiency. GA Group in reducing its electricity usage through energy efficiency program.

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